Onsite Verbal Consultations & Assessments

Onsite Verbal Consultations & Assessments

A Verbal Consultation is a service provided by Canopy Tree Care Arboriculture Consultants that is designed to offer expert advice to clients who have concerns about the health or structure of their trees. This type of consultation is beneficial for those who are seeking guidance on specific tree-related issues but may not require a formal arborist report.

  • Some common reasons for seeking a Verbal Consultation include:
    Risk of Branch/Tree Failure: If you are worried about the possibility of branches or the entire tree failing and causing potential hazards.
  • Tree Roots Conflicting with Infrastructure: When tree roots pose a risk of damaging nearby structures like buildings, footpaths, or underground services.
  • Concerns about Tree Health: If you are uncertain about the current health of a tree and want expert advice on its condition.
  • Issues with Neighbouring or Council Trees: When there are concerns or disputes regarding trees that fall under the responsibility of neighbours or local authorities.

During a Verbal Consultation, an arborist from Canopy Tree Care Arboriculture Consultants will visit your property or project site to assess the specific concerns you have about your trees. They will provide expert advice based on industry best practices to ensure the health and well-being of the trees.

This service is especially suitable for clients who may be considering development on their property or who want to proactively address tree-related concerns. If you have any tree-related worries or questions, Canopy Tree Care Arboriculture Consultants encourage you to reach out to them for expert guidance and assistance.

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