Private & Commercial Arboricultural Reports

Private & Commercial Arboricultural Reports

Arboricultural Assessment Report

Arboricultural Assessment Report is a document that provides a comprehensive evaluation of trees on a specific property or site and is conducted by a minimum cert. 5 arborist. The purpose of this assessment is to understand the condition, health, and potential risks associated with the trees within the area being assessed. Arboricultural assessments are commonly required for various reasons, such as development proposals, tree preservation orders, safety concerns or planning applications.

Preliminary Assessment Report

Preliminary Assessment Report is an initial evaluation of trees on a property or site, typically conducted as a first step before a more detailed and comprehensive arboricultural assessment. This preliminary assessment helps identify potential issues and determine whether a more extensive tree survey or management plan is necessary. It should always be performed by a minimum certificate 5 arborist.

It serves as an initial screening tool to identify potential tree-related issues and guide the need for further evaluation. If the preliminary assessment raises concerns or indicates potential risks, a more detailed arboricultural assessment is typically recommended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the trees’ health, condition, and management needs on the property.

Impact Assessment Report

Impact Assessment Report is a document that evaluates the potential impacts of a proposed development or construction project on the trees within and around the project area. The purpose of this assessment is to identify and assess how the development might affect the health, condition, and safety of existing trees, and to propose measures to mitigate any negative impacts. This report is typically conducted by a qualified arborist or tree specialist and is an essential component of the planning and permitting process for construction projects.

The arboricultural impact assessment report is crucial for informing decision-makers, such as local authorities and developers, about the potential effects of a development project on the existing trees. By addressing tree-related concerns during the planning phase, the report helps promote sustainable development practices that balance human needs with the preservation of valuable trees and green spaces.

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